Why You Should Get a Poodle

Are  you looking for a smart, beautiful, and versatile dog breed? If yes, then you need to get a Poodle. In this article, we’ll discuss reasons why you should get a poodle. One thing is sure about Poodles - they’re best for various lifestyles. They have lots of traits that make them the best companion dogs.

Photo by: @miniaturepoodlemonty

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Poodle

There are unlimited reasons to own Poodles, but we’ll discuss the 5 most important reasons.

They Come in Different Sizes

Many people struggle to find the right-sized dog breed, but it becomes easy when you decide to buy a Poodle. There are three different sizes of Poodles. The largest Poodle weighs about 50-60 pounds. They’re 15-inches taller.

Medium-sized Poodles are 11-inch tall and weigh about 15-17 pounds. The smallest Poodle is portable and small enough to get fit in the airline cabin carrier. These Poodles only weigh 6-9 pounds, and they’re 9 inches tall. 

They Don’t Shed Much

When you decide to buy a pet, the most important thing to consider is their grooming needs. The good thing about Poodles is they don’t shed much because they have hairs instead of fur. Moreover, hair doesn’t undercoat.

Moreover, Poodles' hair growth periods are longer than other dogs, so they don’t fall quickly. They have water-resistant coats that rarely cause allergic reactions. However, poodles need to be brushed, bathed and groomed regularly to keep them as hypoallergenic as possible. 

They’re Smart

A poodle is known as one of the most intelligent dog breed, and they learn quickly. Their smartness enables them to learn different things by observing. When you train them, they learn tricks remarkably quickly. Some pet owners are not good at training but don’t worry, Poodles are smart enough, and they quickly get what you want to teach them. 

They love to please their owners. When you praise them and provide toys and food, they get motivated. They can quickly learn complex behaviors. The large size of a standard Poodle makes them the ideal helping dogs.

These Photogenic Dogs Love Cuddling

After getting a Poodle, you will want to have the highest quality camera for taking their pictures 😊. This elegant dog breed loves to spend time in front of a camera. Moreover, they make styling poses that can please everyone.

All sizes of a Poodle have a high energy level, along with high mental stimulation needs. Walks, hiking, swimming, fetch game are all great way to give them exercise. They need plenty of exercise during the day, but they love to cuddle afterwards. Their warm and curly coat protects them during cold winter nights.  

Great Dog Breed For New Owners

New dog owners have lots of worries and tasks to do, and they don’t know what would happen with them after bringing a dog home. Don’t worry because Poodles are intelligent and perfect dogs for new owners. They can become a great companion in no time. They’ll make your experience enjoyable and joyful and you’ll never look for any other dog breed!

Final Words

Poodle has always been a popular dog breed. The only thing better than having a Poodle is having two! As mentioned at the start, there are plenty of reasons for that and these are just some of them. So, don’t wait much and bring one home! 😉

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