Are Poodles good with cats? Revealed

Poodles are suitable for people of all ages, but the question is, are Poodles good with cats? We’ll discuss this question in detail, but a one-line answer is yes, Poodles are great companions for cats. They have a loving and fun personality and can quickly get along well with kittens.

Poodles and Cats

As the topic of this post is, are Poodles good with cats, so we’ll check this in detail from different perspectives. When you already have cats at home, and you want to bring Poodle, it’s essential to confirm that they’re well-suited for each other. A common perception about both these pets is they are enemies, but in Poodles' case, it’s not true because Poodles and cats can be best friends.

Now, you might be wondering, how is it possible? Poodles have a loving temperament, and they’re calm that makes them ideal and safe to live with cats. Indeed they’re highly energetic dogs, but they can also rest on the couch all day.

We have seen lots of examples in which Poodles embrace cats and consider them part of their family. Poodles have fantastic temperament, and they get attached to family members and other pets quickly. After looking at these facts, we can say that it’s excellent news for those who want to bring Poodles home.

Remember, all the cats and Poodles have different personalities so ensure that you introduce them and see their reaction before bringing one home. When they like each other at first sight, it means they can live together and become great companions.


Which Poodle Type Is Best for Cats?

In general, cats and Poodles get along well, but it’s crucial to know which Poodle type is best for cats? As we covered in our previous post, Poodles comes in three different sizes, such as:

  • Smaller Poodle (Toy Poodle)
  • Medium Size Poodle (Miniature Poodle)
  • Large Size Poodle (Standard Poodle)

All these Poodle types get well with cats, but if you have any preferred type, you can go with it.

  1. Toy Poodles

When you bring dogs home, the main risk is they might hurt cats because most dog breeds are large, but in the case of toy Poodle and cats, both have the same size. Mostly they have the same weight and height as well. Some cats are bigger than Poodles, so you don’t have to worry about their safety. In terms of temperament, they’re not ideal for cats because they snap, which can’t be good for kittens.

  1. Miniature Poodles

They’re slightly bigger than your cats in size, but they’ll not harm your cat. Just ensure that you provide them the required exercise. 

  1. Standard Poodle

They’re the largest Poodles and ideal companions for cats. They have large sizes, but their temperament makes them suitable for cats. Regardless of their size, they work well with cats.

Final Words

Are Poodles good with cats? Yes, they’re. All Poodle types are good for cats, but due to calm temperament and low exercise needs, Standard Poodles are best to live with cats.


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