Are Poodles Good With Kids?

When you already have a family and want to bring a dog home, there can’t be anything better than that if you succeed in selecting the right dog breed. People enjoy it when they see their kids playing with dogs. Kids and dogs can play together and help each other. Some dog breeds are suitable for families, and others are just good for you, not for kids. You have decided to buy a Poodle, but you want to know are Poodles good with kids? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer this question. 

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Poodles and Children

Before going into the details, let’s answer are Poodles good with kids first. Yes, Poodles are good with kids, but we’ll discuss all the traits that can bother your kids. Moreover, we’ll also cover the characteristics of Poodles that your kids would love.

They are great with kids because Poodles are highly energetic, and they look for the same traits in their companions. Moreover, Poodles are gentle and loving, which makes them ideal for children. Poodles have three types and we have discussed them in previous posts, but the best type for kids is Standard Poodle.

Dogs are considered good for kids if they have the following traits:

  1. Gentle
  2. Friendly
  3. Playful
  4. Alert
  5. Affectionate
  6. Cuddly

Thankfully, Poodles have all these traits! Kids want playful and energetic dogs, and dogs have both these attributes. Kids love to play all day and Poodles do the same as well. Poodles love to cuddle, and they need a companion for it, and they find a perfect one in the shape of kids.

What Poodle Type Is Best for Kids

One thing is clear that Poodles are good for kids, but now the question is, does Poodle type or size matter for kids? The answer is yes, it matters. You can buy any Poodle for kids, but each Poodle type has some pros and cons.

Standard Poodle is best for you if you have kids at home. Now, you might be thinking about how they’re good for kids? I will tell you the reasons. Kids are naughty, and Toy Poodles are tiny, so when kids grab a Toy Poodle from the arm and swing him or her, it can easily hurt the toy Poodle. Kids might not notice it, but it can harm Poodles.

Toy Poodles are expensive to maintain, but still, many families prefer tiny dogs for their kids. If you’re one of them, ensure that both kids and dogs play under your supervision. Remember, Toy Poodles are not good for kids because they lack patience.

The third type is miniature Poodle, and they are the most affectionate dogs. They’re largeer than Toy Poodle, and kids can hurt them easily. Remember, you will still have to treat your kids about how to deal with miniature Poodles.

Why Are Poodles Best for Kids?

There are plenty of good reasons to bring Poodle home for kids, such as:

  • They are hypoallergenic
  • Poodles are responsible
  • They can teach various tricks
  • They can become best friends

With the proper training and supervision, a Poodle can enrich your child’s life.  After all, dogs are children who never grow up! 🙂

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