Is Your Poodle Getting the Right Nutrition?

The Shocking Truth About Poodle Food!

Poodle owners want nothing but the best for their poodle breed, especially when it comes to their diet. But with all the conflicting information out there, how do you know what's right for your poodle?  

Timea R. Bodi, has extensive experience as a veterinary technician equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care to our furry companions. Aa a natural reared poodle breeder (Danube Poodles) and poodle care specialist Timea sheds some light on the topic providing us with her unique perspective and expertise by raising awareness of the importance of poodle nutrition. Timea generously shared the insights gained from Dr. Jeanette Thomason's seminar, which focused extensively on the dietary requirements of poodles. 

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Good Food, Good Life!

Unfortunately, most commercial poodle food is highly processed, overcooked, and contains no nutritive value. In some cases, pet food manufacturers add a blend of synthetic vitamins, additives, and cooked fats to their products, which can further diminish the nutritional quality of the food. While these additives are important to make the kibble more nutritionally complete, it's worth noting that the ingredients listed on the bag don't provide the same level of nutrition once they've been processed.

No matter the brand, cost or organic ingredients, it all ends up the same - void of true nutrition!

Is Your Poodle Getting Enough Meat?

In recent years, the pet food industry has promoted the idea that dogs are omnivores (animal that has the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal) and that processed commercial dog food is the ideal source of nutrition. However, the reality is not quite as it seems!

In reality, dogs are carnivores (an organism that mostly eats meat). They have the same kind of teeth, digestive tracts, and other organs as wolves, their wild ancestors. So, what does this mean for your poodle's diet?

It means that they need meat, and lots of it!

Behind the Curls: Unveiling Poodle Health Realities

Unfortunately, many poodles today are experiencing a variety of health problems that were once rare or even unheard of. These issues, such as autoimmune disease problems, obesity, kidney disease, diabetes, liver failure, skin disorders, IBD, and cancer, are becoming increasingly common in our furry companions over the past 25 years or so.

For centuries, the poodle stood as a testament to canine resilience and vitality. This ancient breed, renowned for its intelligence and elegance, once boasted a legacy untainted by health concerns. Yet, things changed sadly when unhealthy eating habits emerged!

Transform your poodle's health by providing them with the appropriate nutrition!


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How to Keep Your Poodle Happy, Healthy, and Active for Years to Come?

The truth is, poodles need a diet rich in animal protein. If you want to give your poodle the best chance at a long, healthy life, consider a diet that includes raw meat, and other animal-based products

New research shows that when poodles were given real human-grade food for six months, they had a healthy and balanced diet. 

Word of advice from Timea:

“I don’t recommend cooked food generally. The only exception is for geriatric canines who have Gastrointestinal issues. Otherwise, cooked food is not nutritionally packed - therefore would be a bad choice for a puppy that requires even more quality nutrition that can only be found in a species appropriate diet - raw food“.

If you're looking to provide your poodle with a healthy and balanced diet, you may find helpful information and guidance at @danubepoodles on how to create a nutritious meal plan for your beloved poodle.

Discover the latest trend in Poodle food!

Two words: Freeze-Dried! Say goodbye to bland kibble and hello to nutritious, flavourful meals that your poodle will love. Freeze-dried poodle food has taken the industry by storm, and it's not hard to see why. With all the benefits of fresh ingredients minus the hassle, it's the ultimate choice for poodle owners who want the best for their furry companions.

Just make sure that Freeze dried food is reconstituted with water and is not HPP processed. (Like any food processing method the final product is highly pasteurised and it depletes all of the good nutrition. The process should be applied thoughtfully and in accordance with established safety guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.)


In our fast-paced lives, giving your poodle the right food can make all the difference. Just like we need good food to stay strong and healthy, our furry friends do too. Imagine how joyful and active your poodle could be with the right diet. It's like giving them super fuel that keeps them happy and full of life.

Even though life might be busy, taking a little time to choose the best food for your poodle shows how much you care.

Just bringing awareness is the right thing to do!

Let's make every meal a moment of love for our Elegant, Intelligent & Loyal


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