Poodle Paintings

Let us introduce an original and unique poodle art as a series of portraits created by artist Maria Smirlis. She has been painting these beautiful poodles since the beginning of her career, and they have become very popular with collectors around the world. 

After completing a formal design education Maria Smirlis began her career working as a pattern maker grader for the MGT group of companies and has been employed over the past twenty years by leading corporations such as Holeproof , Clarks ,Pacific brands and most recently Country Road for 6 years up until January 2006. Even though Maria Smirlis was offered a place in the Victorian College of the Arts she chose Fashion Design and Textiles as her preferred courses. Painting and illustration was still a passion and she in lengthy periods throughout the past 30 years developed skills with the above.

Photo by: @mariasmirlis

If you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your wall, this is the place. Browse through authentic original paintings by one of the most prominent artists in the world: Maria Smirlis.

Maria’s paintings are not prints or reproductions; they are actual works done by hand by an artist who has been working in her studio since she was a child.

Maria says she's been inspired by several things: "I was inspired by the beauty and elegance of these dogs," she says. "I wanted to capture them in a way that showed how beautiful they really are." Poodles have been around for hundreds of years and have become popular pets over time because of their intelligence and affectionate nature. 

Photo by: @mariasmirlis

You will be happy to know that Maria's paintings decorate the walls to clientele in the USA and across the world. It's never too early to start thinking about your next Christmas present. And if you're looking for a gift that will make any poodle lover happy, look no further.

Maria has always been an artist. She can't remember a time when she didn't have some kind of artistic outlet, whether it was drawing, painting or writing stories. Art is therapeutic and fun to do. It gives Maria an opportunity to express herself creatively and find new ways of looking at things around her that she might not have noticed otherwise.

Photo by: @mariasmirlis

Art also helps her express personality through the artworks themselves; they give insight into who she is as a person by showing how she sees the world around her, or even just one small part of it! Maria is a very busy artist and has a lot of projects to keep her busy. The good news is that her paintings are always available, so if you are interested in owning poodle art then contact Maria today!

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