Traveling with my poodle

I love my poodle. There, I said it! :) I love my poodle more than anything in the world. She's my best friend, and we're always together. When I'm traveling on vacation, I like to take her with me.  

Photo by: @sunnydog_jessie

You can take a poodle on a plane, in your car and to a hotel. You can also take your little buddy on a boat or train. It's easy to travel with your poodle when you know how to travel with them!

Taking them on shorter trips in your car to start, and then even on long road trips is a great way to begin easing them in. Some poodle love a car ride, while others immediately assume it means they’re going to that place that pokes and prods them while they sit on a cold metal table.

The more used to any type of travel they are, the better their experience will be. They get to see new places, get used to new smells and areas, and understand that going in a crate in a weird, moving, metal box might not be that bad.

You also want to make sure they are fully crate trained. Whether they are going into cargo or staying with you, this is smart. This isn’t something you want to just toss them into. Poodles need time to understand that a crate is not a punishment, but rather an extension of their home. It’s theirs: their territory, their safe space.

If they are going to be in cargo, you will want to have their crate be as comforting as possible. Filling it with their favorite blankets, toys, a stuffed animal they love to snuggle with, or some of your clothing that they love to sleep on will be a great place to start.

Poodles rely heavily on scent so, any familiar scents you can place in there will help them feel comforted. The crate itself should be very “lived-in” as well. The smell from a new crate takes some getting used to. 

Make sure the crate itself and everything in it will be comfortable and soothing for your poodle.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. We live in a world where we spend much of our time alone. We travel to far-off destinations, but without the company of friends or family members. And while it's nice to see some new sights, there's nothing like sitting around a campfire with someone you love and enjoying the sunset together.

Make your poodle a world traveler! Along the way, she will made many friends: other dogs who love going on hikes and playing Frisbee; cats who like climbing trees; deer who want to eat grass; squirrels who want acorns; bunnies who want get the idea!

Mine has her own Instagram page where people post pictures of themselves with her all over town & it has more likes than mine ;). 

Photo by: @sunnydog_jessie

If you’re traveling with a poodle, one of the many things that makes it rewarding is how quickly they become part of your new community. In my experience, poodles are great for making friends. The first step in becoming part of any community is simply getting to know the people who live there and finding common ground. There’s nothing better than walking down the street with your best friend at your side to help break down barriers and introduce yourself to strangers! Do you travel with your poodle? Trust me, they will make it count!

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