What's so special about a poodle's coat?

Poodles have hair, not fur. While most dogs have fur, this graceful and extremely intelligent dog breed has hair. This unique curly coat has minimal shedding

Neat freaks will especially appreciate this! 

Like human hair, it never stops growing unless due to hormonal changes. Poodles have a single layer of hair while dogs with fur have a double layer of fur.

Photo by: @sunnydog_jessie

Poodle Hairstyle - Fashionable or Functional?

Poodle's hairstyle can help them do things that other dogs can’t.
Back at the times when they were bred to be hunting and water retrieving dogs, traditional poodle haircuts were used to increase their swimming ability.
These hairstyles had a practical purpose - to protect vital organs while the shaved parts facilitated swimming.  

Forget About The Nasty "Doggy Smell" 

Although poodles can develop a bad smell if something isn't right with their hygiene or health, they are known as "clean" dogs and for having a little odor compared to other dog breeds.

However, certain poodles can be smelly (even after a bath) and there could be a lot of different reasons: infections, smelly mouth, inefficient baths or any other elementary problem. 

It is important to identify where the smell is coming which will help figuring out the issue sooner and finding the right solution to get your poodle smelling nice again.

Does Poodle's Hair Tend to Cause Fewer Allergies?

Although there isn't a dog breed that is 100% allergy-safe, poodles are considered to be hypoallergenic
Since their wool-like coat is low dander and non-shedding (instead it mat to itself), they are a great choice for people with dog allergies. However, poodles need to be brushed, bathed and groomed regularly to keep them as hypoallergenic as possible.

Incredible Transformations

Poodle hair allows amazing transformations - from elegant, cute, astonishing (sometimes even weird!😶 ) hairstyles that gives a wide scope to create incredible looks.
So many choices! There are dozens of different poodle haircuts, but it is important to choose the right style that suits the time of the year and your poodle's lifestyle.
There are many prestigious grooming competitions that show the handwork of the best dog groomers around the world.
Althought there are so many stylish and creative cuts, sometimes a do-it-yourself cut with a good pair of clippers can keep your poodle neat, or even allow you to express your creativity. In either case, patience and practice are required! 😄

How Can I Keep Healthy My Poodle's Hair?

Although bathing seems more important, brushing has a more significant impact, since it removes dead skin cells from the body and helps in stimulating the natural oils that give your poodle's hair a fabulous shine.

Getting enough protein and fat content are both important for a healthy hair. Majority of poodle's hair structure is made up of protein, so if your poodle has a protein deficiency, it will reflect on the hair.

Final Words

Every poodle owner knows they need to be regularly groomed in order to keep them healthy and clean - every four to six weeks at least,  but it’s more than worth it! Why? Because poodles are smart, affectionate, beautiful, playful and they bring joy to our life.  


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