PW Royal Membership

PW Royal Membership

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Welcome to The Poodles World Family!  

We're excited to welcome you to a diverse global Poodle Community making sure your membership puts you at the center of our community with unique benefits and privileges.  

We would like to introduce you with our yearly PW Royal Membership subscription plan that includes:

  • 4 Permanent IG Posts on our account (including link & tag to your account)
  • 4 IG Stories on our account (including link to your account/website)
  • 2 Blog Posts on PW Website (200 words & photos linked to your account/website)
  • 10% off for all your purchases in PW store
  • Member exclusive deals and discount codes
  • Automatic participation in our monthly giveaways

Uniquely designed to boost your visibility and grow your network, we will help you create engaging content that encourages people to learn more about what you have to offer, visit your page and even purchase goods and services! Our team will publish your content in hours where you will get the largest engagement as a result of increased online presence, brand awareness, and generating leads and traffic.

We are especially proud that we started a Poodle Blog with a common theme to all Poodle lovers: "Memorable moment with my Poodle" that will be posted on our website! This content will help people learn new things, build relationships with helpful, relevant or entertaining topics to them and even further, cause or encourage a social change. 

And the last but not the least - 10% discount throughout year on PW store. Enjoy discounts on all our products! They are made with focuses on independent designers and contemporary collections thoughtfully crafted offering a curated selection of quality Poodle products.  

With exclusive offers and special deals, Members get access to an extensive range of discounts all year round.

Become a Member of the Poodle family today and get ready for the journey! Well, we’ll need some basic information and payment details from you first, but you get the idea.

For poodle related accounts/products only.
For other services/businesses, please contact us directly at